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References For Life

Kingdom Life Ministries has now published our References for Life guided notebook.

References for Life originated from Gene Hall’s personal growth process in the revelation of Jesus Christ. Through this intimate relationship, he began collecting and writing scriptures, grouping and placing them into a notebook. The notebook became a quick reference tool to guide him to the Spirit of Truth in everyday life situations. The Scriptures are placed in a specific order to ignite the power of the Holy Spirit within you as you meditate on the Scriptures. The sections are accompanied by personal testimonies from Apostle Hall, and we invite you to purchase this powerful and spirit-filled book to guide you in your daily living.

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What's holding you back book

What is Holding You Back?

The Father has different ways to get us into our divine destiny. There is a place within each of us that none of us can see, for our heavenly Father only understands it. One way The Father reveals himself to us is through Crisis, which ushers us into a Process that will ultimately lead us to our Destiny in Christ by the Holy Spirit. A crisis point is a point of discovery where we redefine who we are in His Hallway of to Destiny, and learn to trust the Lord of the process. In this book, we will learn to face the confining limitations by recognizing the residue of Unforgiveness, Shame, and Rejection in our lives. God wants us to relax in His Arms, and Rest in the Rhythm of His love and His grace. It is time to enter the Hallway to Destiny where you will learn His Truth and Love by experiencing it.

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